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guided visits Alhambra

Alhambra and Generalife guided visits and tours

We offer a selection of different tours to the monument of the Alhambra in Granada. You can choose between complete general visits, night visits to Nasrid Palaces or Gardens of the Generalife tours. Reservations and availability ONLINE.

You will find everything you need to enjoy the stunning nasrid monument in the most convenient and carefree.

The Alhambra boasts an historical and cultural heritage of unmatched value and wealth that may become, in the most beautiful Arabic monument of all existing in Europe and most visited of Spain, transporting the visitor to past centuries of Arabic splendor.

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guided tour visit albaicin sacromonte

Walking tour: Albayzin and Sacromonte

We will begin touring the Albaicin quarter, it is considered one of the most charming and beauty of the whole city.

We released by a very pleasant visit, every corner, every street, which is really where his essence.

Then we link our visit to the Sacromonte quarter, reputable place given by the caves inhabited by gypsies and where his art disclosed by flamenco shows.

Approximate 2:30am.

  • 5 Stars
  • Price 15€
Walking Tours visits Albayzín Arab Old Quarter district granada

Walking Tour: Albayzín Arab Old Quarter

Walking with us through the old Arab quarter is the best way to understand Granada. We will lose among the alleys and corners of the Albayzín, which still maintaining its initial labyrinth. We will see its white houses, cobbled alleys, flowers and cypress, Arab walls, Renaissance palaces, etc. All possible spell presented against the omnipresent Alhambra.

Follow us on a journey into the Moorish roots and pleasure of the senses. Stroll through the narrow streets of the Albayzín and enjoy the best views of the Alhambra. Do not miss this fantastic neighborhood declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • 4 Stars
  • Price 12€
guided visits albaizin sacromonte granada

Walking tour at twilight: Albayzin and Gipsy Sacromonte

Tradition and history in this exceptional journey that leaves amazed visitors through the neighborhoods of Albaizin and Sacromonte (declared World Heritage by UNESCO), knowing its labyrinthine streets, squares and viewpoints where Moorish and Gypsy roots breathe, creating a bewitching very special.

An original and Pricesa visit performed by an official guide and it will be one of the most beautiful memories of Granada.

Night in Granada is an amazing moment that can not be missed.

  • 4 Stars
  • Price 38€
Cathedral Royal Chapel guided tour visit Granada

Cathedral and Royal Chapel guided visit

Special tour to the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, the latter Sepulcher where are buried the Catholic Monarchs Isabel y Fernando.

Know why the chosen location for both constructions, political and ideological reasons that determined their symbolism and the change of mentality that was forged in a city that until recently, was entirely Muslim.

We will also see the architectural differences that have both monuments, Gothic and Renaissance clearly identifiable and architects both political and artistic of them, analyzing their iconography and the most important artistic elements.

  • 5 Stars
  • Price 42€
Private visits tour in Granada

Private visit in Granada for small groups: Historical center, Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Albaicin, Sacromonte ...

This is the best option if you want to visit and learn Granada in private. If you come with family or friends and want a guide only for you, you have the option to make your own private group to explore the streets and squares of this wonderful city.

You can choose one of our most popular or make us a proposal of itinerary you guided walks. Guided walk through the historic center, gypsy Albaicín and Sacromonte, Cathedral and Royal Chapel, or design your own visit.

We invite you to go beyond the simple urban tourism and to appreciate closely, the beautiful city of Granada.

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guided tour historical historic center centre old town quarter Granada

Granada Must-Do Tour

This visit includes all the places any traveler interested in the city must know. Essential to falling completely in love with Granada. This guided walk illustrates the history of the transformation of Granada, important historical facts covering the changes in our city from the Muslim period to the Christian one. We walk through the historical city centre nearby the Cathedral ensemble. We talk about buildings such as the Cathedral, Capilla Real (Royal Chapel), the Alcaicería (former Arab silk market), Madraza (Koranic School) and Real Chanchillería. Additionally, we have chosen the low part of the Albaicín to represent the Muslim Granada before the end of the Reconquest of Spain. This walking tour is a journey in time between monuments, squares, alleys and charm corners where we can see the cultural essence of the city and the mix of styles. It covers every essential place in Granada, anything that no one should miss.

  • 4 Stars
  • Price 18€
book get reserve best flamenco shows in granada

Flamenco shows in Granada

We have the best selection of flamenco shows in the city of Granada. You will have the opportunity to choose between shows in tablaos, caves or halls; with or without transport. We also offer the possibility to also enjoy dinner service.

Always in the hands of the most renowned artists of this art of worldwide fame and admiration, making him feel in his own skin the feeling and goblin that transmit in each of his performances.

Enjoy this marvel declared patron of humanity by UNESCO in 2010 on your visit to the city of the Alhambra. An unparalleled experience that will remain in your memory forever.

  • 5 Stars
  • Price 20€
classes flamenco private lessons in Granada

Flamenco private lessons in Granada

Flamenco is becoming more widespread and is recognized worldwide. An art that has been nourished by many different musical traditions and has big stars in areas such as singing, dancing or instruments like guitar among others.

Get classes and come to flamenco duende hands of artists from Granada. A World Heritage declared by UNESCO, that love for his energy and passion.

Private lessons for beginners and advanced classes, singing, dancing, guitar and percussion.

  • 4 Stars
  • Price 25€
Walking Tour Sacromonte Heritage Culture and Flamenco granada old quarter district

Walking Tour: Sacromonte Heritage, Culture & Flamenco

Let's meet and discover the Sacromonte, the gypsy neighborhood. Enjoying the stunning views among Sacromonte, Alhambra and Albayzín. We will have the opportunity to visit authentic caves to learn about Granada’s gypsy heritage and Flamenco.

The Sacromonte is another world. Although a few minutes from the Albayzín, and no more than twenty minutes of the busy city center and surrounded by nature atmosphere.

To better understand the Sacromonte’s culture and History, we will visit the Centro de Interpretación del Sacromonte. Where we will know how were the life in these caves. We will finish our tour, watching an authentic Flamenco Show in the Tablao Casa del Arte Flamenco.

  • 4 Stars
  • Price 32€
visit Science Museum Granada tickets children childs visits tour

Science Park Museum Granada

Visit the Science Park, an interactive science museum of 70,000 m2, being the most visited museum in Andalusia and an international benchmark for science in Southern Europe.

Seven pavilions with exhibits on health, the environment, the scientific legacy of Andalusian culture, architecture, literature, physics, chemistry, mechanics and astronomy, will delight children and adults. In addition to other exhibition-spaces such as the observation tower, tropical butterfly, astronomical observatory, spectacle of raptors in flight, botanical tours ...

  • 4 Stars
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De tapas in Granada with a guide guided tour visit tapeo

De tapas in Granada with a guide

"El Tapeo" is the best way to discover Granada, go from a bar to another bar, taste its specialities, wander about the streets, know about its monuments and obviously its rich gastronomy.

It is much more than to drink a ‘cañita’, it is an art, It is a know how to do and something very natural and special in the life of Granada.

Just for this route of ‘tapas’, without having in mind the rest of the marvellous sites in this city, would be worth to come to this andalusian city.

Book here now this special tour!!

  • 4 Stars
  • Price 25€
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